Sounds of Ukraine
Conductor of the Kyiv Chamber Choir Mykola Hobdych
World Renowned Kyiv Chamber Choir

The Kyiv Chamber Choir and Conductor Mykola Hobdych thank everyone in the United States and Canada who attended their superb concerts, helped organize and promote their concerts in 9 cities and generously provided the funds that allowed this great 2016 concert tour to take place.

The Choir appreciates the support it received from local Ukrainian communities in each concert city - as well as the opportunity to interact with the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, and Chorus America in Washington.

The Choir was delighted to be asked to provide a 20 minute live performance at Classical 96.3 FM � a video of which is available at the top of the "See & Hear" page of this website. Click here to see the video.

If appropriate sponsorship funding commitments can be arranged, Platinum Concerts will consider planning another Kyiv Chamber Choir concert tour. New developments and details will be made available over time.

"The Kyiv Chamber Choir has only 21 singers, but what singers
they are - big marvelously focused voices. They sung wonderfully clean
unisons and the basses have low E's to die for."
Washington Post

"The Kyiv Chamber Choir achieved maximum perfection, a remarkable performance."
New York Post

"Just one word - superb"
96.3 Classical FM

"You'll have a chance to hear what the critics & audiences were raving about"
CBC Radio Network

Kyiv Chamber Choir photo